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Programs We Offer

RUC specializes in educating people about

the amazing world of birds of prey. We

service schools, churches, Scouts, sports

shows,  fairs, state & federal parks, festivals,

birthday parties, camps, outings, nature

centers, museums, clubs, special interests 

societies, and events.


Educational Programs
A display, power point slide presentation, and the physical 

handling of the different birds of prey are all utilized in the 

program.  A time of questions and answers is allowed at the

close of each assembly.

Falconry programs
These programs are similar in format to an educational

program but primarily focuses on hunting and the ancient

sport of falconry. The topics of history, how to man, train &

hunt with raptors are all included in the program.  Falconry

is the oldest form of hunting still in existence today.

Program Guidelines
Educational assemblies are limited to a group size of 150 or less at a given demonstration. Multiple demonstrations can be arranged on the same day as long as they are back to back. 
Programs normally run between forty-five minutes to an hour.  Set up time is required, but does not usually take more than thirty minutes.

These tend to be a feature exhibit for fairs, festivals, hunting shows, and special events.  A display allows people to observe birds of prey up close, presenting a great time for photography and questions and answers about individual species as well as sound conservation.


These programs feature an actual flying demonstration.  This tethered or free-flight program presents an educational and entertaining show of raptors in action.  Birds are either flown from
a perch to a person, person to person, or from a perch to a swung lure.  Customized programs are also offered.  Call or email for more information.

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